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Matrix Flying High with Raptor

Matrix Composites was the first small business qualified to supply RTM primary structures to the F22 program. Matrix supplied over 70 different fracture-durability and wind-swept surface critical components on the aircraft. more  

 Next Generation Technology
is utilized at Matrix for Inspection
and Quality Control with the
FARO Edge Scan Arm

Check us out in this short video: 



Closed Molding Experts
Since 1993

Matrix Composites' closed molding know-how is changing industry's preconceived notions about the limits of composites. Ask about the benefits of the HiRPM® process and related services

Closed molding composites HiRPM

The Differentiator

Advanced preform design, complex tooling solutions and proprietary processing methods sets Matrix apart from the competition.

Advanced preform design complex tooling

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