ITT’s Matrix Composites brand is a trusted partner to several companies in the commercial aerospace sector. Our experienced team of engineers offers our clients the latest in computer-assisted aerospace design and manufacturing combined with inventive ideas and skilled craftsmanship to produce end products that were once thought impossible.

Composites are saving the day in aerospace with:

  • Increased part performance and capabilities
  • Weight reduction without compromising structural integrity
  • Design flexibility to fit unique specifications and complicated shapes
  • Resistance to fatigue and environmental factors
  • Emissions and fuel efficiency

We are continuously chosen for our aerospace composites know-how, facilities and equipment, quality processes, Lean Manufacturing principles, and most importantly, a track record of success with delivering to our customers on-time and on-budget.

Matrix is a proven source for structural aerospace composite components for the Commercial, Defense, and General Aviation industries. Some of our past and current programs include:

  • Satellite Structures
  • Space Borne Optics
  • Aircraft Wind Swept Surfaces
  • Aircraft Radomes and Fairings
  • Aircraft Antennas
  • Aircraft Ducting
  • Rocket Fairings, Brackets and Mounts

Matrix Composites’ components and products are suitable for applications that would benefit from:

  • High durability requirements
  • Impact and damage tolerance needs
  • Complex geometries
  • Integrated structures

Aerospace Resin Transfer Molding Experts