Composite Fabricating Services

We are seeking talented individuals to work in the growing, fast-paced environment of the composites industry providing composite fabricating services.

Job Title:  Facilities Manager

 Summary of Position:  The Facilities Manager is responsible for the oversight, implementation and effective management of the following components within the organization.  The Facilities Manager is also responsible for establishing policy and communication of the overall strategy for all activities with this scope of responsibility.  The role also provides leadership, systems and management for all facilities functions and objectives for the organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions, where applicable:

Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Building facilities, infrastructure, utilities and security
  2. Manufacturing equipment upgrade and installation
  3. Manufacturing work environments
  4. Maintenance and preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling
  5. Environmental and safety management
  6. Management of facilities and maintenance staff

Specific responsibilities for maximum results and to avoid typical obstacles:

  1. Develop and implement a facility management program including preventative maintenance, repairs, and improvements.
  2. Conduct and document regular facilities inspections.
  3. Allocate and manage facility space for maximum efficiency.
  4. Coordinate intra-office moves.
  5. Supervise installation, maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment.
  6. Oversee facility refurbishment and renovations.
  7. Plan and manage facility central services such as conference spaces, reception, security, cleaning, kitchen/eating, waste disposal and parking.
  8. Implement best practice processes to increase efficiency, both within the facilities organization and in support of other functions and departments.
  9. Work closely with purchasing to define, request and obtain quotes and proposals from vendors and suppliers.
  10. Calculate and compare costs for facility/maintenance supplies and services to maximize cost-effectiveness.
  11. Assist in negotiating facilities improvement, maintenance and installation contracts to optimize delivery and cost saving.
  12. Coordinate and monitor activities of contract suppliers related to facilities and/or maintenance.
  13. Manage and review service contracts to ensure facility management needs are being met.
  14. Ensure delivery schedules, quantity and quality criteria are met.
  15. Ensure efficient utilization, adequacy and competence of facility maintenance staff.
  16. Prepare and track facility expenses and budgets.
  17. Generate and present regular reports and reviews of Key Performance Indicators. facility-related budgets, contracts, expenditures and purchases.
  18. Develop and implement cost reduction initiatives related to facilities, maintenance or equipment.
  19. Advise on and monitor energy efficiency.
  20. Oversee and assure compliance to all Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.
  21. Assure physical security of the facility.
  22. Respond to facility and equipment alarms and system failures.
  23. Coordinate Emergency Response Team (ERT) activities and responsibilities.
  24. Provide prompt response to Maintenance Requests and from company personnel
  25. Other duties as assigned by management.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Success Metrics:

  1. Machine Down Time – As an active contributor and team member, ensure an overall and continuous KPI of ≥ 98% production on time delivery, by minimizing and eliminating machine down-time and subsequent lost manufacturing capacity.
  2. Maintenance Request Response Time – Maintain a 24 hour maximum internal response time to acknowledge internal Maintenance Requests, with scope and lead-time.
  3. Compliance to Regulations – Maintain 100% compliance to all new and existing environmental, safety, and building code regulations.


Job Title: Quality Assurance Engineer II

 Summary of Position:  The successful Quality Assurance Engineer II (QAE II) will provide quality assurance input and oversight to both new product development and sustaining production. This role requires a mix of working with 1) compliance to current procedures; 2) data analysis of current processes; 3) critical thinking/writing skills for development and documenting improved processes and 4) auditing to the requirements of the company Quality Manual and customer requirements to ensure full and cost effective compliance. The QAE II reports directly to the Quality Assurance Manager and also will be assigned to individual program teams where specific tasks will be assigned. The QAE II will need to be able to self-assess workload and work independently with responsibilities involving higher level decision making, but will refer to the Quality Assurance Manager if conflicting requirements need to be prioritized

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions, where applicable:

Overall expectations for the position:

  1. Represent Quality Assurance during new product development, including planning and design reviews to ensure the intended process will yield hardware compliant to all applicable requirements; including all inputs (raw material requirements, tooling requirements, etc.) and outputs (raw data and statistical analysis of data).
  2. Lead the creation and approval of a program Quality Program Plan that extracts customer (e.g. the voice of the customer) and company requirements and defines a cost effective plan to ensure compliance; including all relevant data collection and analysis schemes to track and respond to any unacceptable product, tooling or process capability metrics.
  3. Oversee the proper use of quality measurement tools and systems to ensure full drawing and specification compliance.
  4. Assist in selecting and acquiring equipment/tooling as required.
  5. Perform internal audits as a lead auditor as assigned.
  6. Evaluate and recommend QA sampling plans for vendors and internal programs based on desired confidence limits, process capabilities, and manufacturing/inspection methods and equipment.
  7. Provide technical guidance and training to other team members in statistical analysis techniques, data analysis, sampling techniques and other traditional QA Engineering areas of expertise.
  8. Actively participate in the company’s Lean Enterprise program.
  9. Other duties as assigned by management.

Specific responsibilities for maximum results and to avoid typical obstacles:

  1. Establish and flow down key performance indicators (KPIs) to each program team and identify both the method and frequency of data collection and reporting to program teams and to management.
  2. Where prudent (related to quality), lead FMEA, RCCA, Kaizen events, etc. related to continual improvement.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Success Metrics:

  1. OTD – Ensure Quality Department support to all programs to meet overall and continuous KPI of ≥ 98% on time delivery.
  2. Process Capability – All processes, tooling should have active and continual
  3. improvement programs targeted at Ppk or Cpk ≥ 1.33.
  4. COQ – The total cost of scrap and rework on each assigned program should be tracked and actively managed to drive to a goal of $0 Cost of Poor Quality.
  5. Escapes – Ensure adequate and prudent measures are defined and maintained such that the goal of zero escapes is realized.