Medical & Things That Don’t Fly


liquid resin molding process

Through lessons learned from the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defense industry, Matrix has been able to support the needs of the orthopedic and medical/diagnostic markets. Matrix has developed high-volume manufacturing techniques to support the manufacture of advanced composites for precision medical devices.  Precision resin transfer molding (RTM) is used extensively in the manufacture of radiolucent medical hardware. Deliveries in excess of 1000 units per month are routinely made and are indicative of our proven manufacturing capacity.

As a high-volume producer of composite medical components, Matrix has been instrumental in the world-wide acceptance of composites in the operating room environment.

  • Precision Molded Carbon Fiber Braces
  • Orthopedic Supports
  • Light-weight High-strength Components for the Medical Environment


optics composite

Optical Structures – Advanced optical platforms and telescope structures are manufactured and used for airborne and land-based laser radar detection of clear-air-turbulence. These precision structures utilize the latest composite materials and assembly technologies to achieve low weight, minimal out gassing, and high thermal stability. These characteristics are necessary for proper operation of sensitive optical components.

Integrated Stable Structures for Optical Applications – Matrix has applied its expertise in Resin Transfer Molding to produce closed-molded stable structures. These pictures are stable “zero coefficient of thermal expansion” optical structure requiring critical mechanical and physical properties

optics composite

Primary Structures

structure composite

Matrix Composites is a trusted source for primary structures on some of our nations most valuable assets. The company has expertise in liquid resin molding, composite aerospace manufacturing and design, resourceful supply chain management, and the application of leading-edge fabrication and inspection technologies. This expertise enables Matrix to provide world-class reliable production of your most critical composite designs.


infrastructure composites

Advanced composites are being integrated into an increasing number of innovative ground-based uses, taking advantage of the benefits in reduced intrinsic structural loads, corrosion and fatigue, as well as parts consolidation and design freedom.

Matrix has extensive composites design/build experience in stationary composite applications. Our portfolio includes such projects as:

  • Artificial Foliage for Theme Parks & Cellular Towers
  • Lightweight Honeycomb Launch Tower Platforms
  • Composites for Ground Support Systems