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General Aviation

general aviation parts from Matrix Composites
Increasingly, aircraft designers are turning to aviation composites to help make their vehicles lighter, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable for passengers.

lightweight, fuel efficient airplane parts from Matrix Composites

At Matrix, we help our customers meet the challenges of increased competition, higher fuel costs and tougher environmental regulations with innovative solutions that improve performance and reduce cost. We have over 26 years of experience in the composites world and have the ability to manufacture quality aviation composites with fast turnaround times.

Our team of experts routinely assists customers in understanding which manufacturing method is right for their particular effort. From composite molding processes like Hand Lay-Up to Resin Transfer Molding, we harness the latest technology and ensure each project’s success.

Our portfolio of experience with general aviation composites includes:

  • Interior Components
  • Seat Components
  • Primary Structures
  • Heat & A/C Ducts
  • Wind Swept Surfaces
  • Waste Tanks
airplane interior components from Matrix Composites

Advanced Composites Cut Meridian’s Weight

The Piper Aircraft Corporation integrated Wheel and Dorsal Fairings, Seat Components, and Air Ducting fabricated by Matrix Composites into its Meridian aircraft. In an effort to reduce overall vehicle weight, the utilization of Matrix materials and processes were coupled with creative composites design to achieve an estimated weight savings of 26 lbs. per aircraft.

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