“Off the Charts Successful”!


On February 7th, 2018 Matrix hosted a visit from Brevard County Commissioner Curt Smith, members of the EDC of Florida’s Space Coast and their Government Relations Council.

The visit and plant tour was held in effort to raise awareness and improve the image of manufacturing companies located in Commissioner Smith’s district.

“I was quite honored to receive an invite to tour another small business success story in Brevard County”, said Commissioner Smith.  The Commissioner was particularly impressed with the flawless surfaces using our proprietary resin transfer molding process called HiRPM®.

Commissioner Smith continued, “I physically saw and held parts built for companies in Commercial Space and the US Government and they were lighter and stronger than materials like aluminum and stainless steel. But flawless is the key word!  And the complexity of some of the designs was beyond description. Founded in the early 90’s by FIT grad David Nesbitt, Matrix is off the charts successful.  I am proud to point to them as a real local success story, and they continue to grow with plans already in place for expansion right here in Brevard!”

Matrix Composites offers close tolerance resin transfer molding (RTM), Hot Isostatic Resin Pressure Molding (HiRPM) autoclave cure and compression molding capabilities. The Company has been military and aerospace trusted since 1993 for their full service capabilities which include: design, development, tooling, fabrication, testing and integration.

For additional information call (321) 633-4480 or email sales@matrixcomp.com