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Excelling in Aerospace Composite Design and Manufacturing, Utilizing Processes Like HiRPM® and Liquid Resin Molding

Masters in Advanced Aerospace Composites

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Since 1993, Matrix Composites has been at the forefront of innovative composite manufacturing, specializing in highly complex integrated resin structures for a variety of applications, including the aerospace industry. With a focus on precision and performance, our Liquid Resin Molding processes, including RTM, CVM, and HiRPM®, set us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and commitment to delivering superior composite solutions to the global aerospace market.

Complex Design Expertise

Matrix Composites specializes in the design and engineering of intricate composite structures using advanced techniques such as resin transfer molding (RTM). Our team excels in developing solutions tailored to meet specific mechanical, thermal, and dimensional requirements, ensuring optimal performance in demanding aerospace environments.

Advanced Aerospace Solutions

Our advanced composite products are integral to a wide range of aerospace applications, spanning from commercial and general aviation to space and military sectors. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Matrix Composites delivers composite solutions that meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry, contributing to the advancement of aviation technology worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

As part of our commitment to innovation, Matrix Composites has developed HiRPM® (Hot Isostatic Resin Pressure Molding), a proprietary manufacturing process for producing ultra-precision composite components. This unique technique enables the fabrication of complex parts with exceptional accuracy and consistency, meeting the stringent demands of modern aerospace engineering.

Proven Excellence

At Matrix Composites, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results in every project we undertake. With a track record of success and a reputation for quality, we consistently exceed expectations in the design and manufacturing of high-performance composite products.

Technology & Expertise

We adopt an impartial approach to materials selection and processing as we transition composite applications into consistent production. We approach every project with an unwavering commitment to excellence, leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to develop innovative solutions for even the most challenging applications.

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