Complex Design

Matrix specializes in composite design and systems engineering of precision composite structures manufactured using the composite resin transfer molding process.

Advanced Design

Our advanced composite products are used in virtually every aspect of aerospace design from commercial and general aircraft to space and military applications.

Unique Solutions

Our latest proprietary process solution is called “HiRPM®” (Hot Isostatic Resin Pressure Molding) an Ultra-Precision Closed Composite Molding technique to manufacture complex  components for applications

Proven Results

We consistently deliver outstanding results in designing and manufacturing of high-quality, complex composite products for various aerospace markets. 

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Technology & Knowledge

We take an unbiased materials and processing approach when transitioning composite applications into steady production. Our experienced staff works with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes materials to develop and produce “technically challenged” composite designs. 

We specialize in highly complex integrated composite resin structures and applications requiring very specific mechanical, thermal, or dimensional specifications. Our unique Liquid Resin Molding processes (RTM, CVM, and HiRPM®) and our extensive knowledge in rate production put us ahead of the competition. Matrix Composites is your number one choice for composites manufacturing.