Aerospace Composites for Commercial Aviation

State-of-the-art Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) produces high-performance aerospace composites

Cutting-edge Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a top-notch technique for creating top-quality composite parts. The demand for more efficient aircraft components is driving the use of composites, and RTM, is at the forefront of this trend.

At Matrix Composites, we specialize in RTM, a method that can produce intricate three-dimensional parts with excellent mechanical properties, precise dimensions, and smooth finishes. Our proprietary HiRPM® process and other manufacturing methods are designed to meet the stringent requirements of aerospace applications.

We're equipped to handle increasing production demands, and our focus is on developing technologies to meet the needs of future aero engines.

Our experienced team guides customers in choosing the best manufacturing approach for their project, whether it's traditional methods like Hand Lay-Up or advanced processes like RTM. We leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure the success of every project.

Our experience with commercial aviation components includes the following:

  • Engine Nacelles
  • Fixed & Rotating Engine Components
  • Complex Integrated Engine Structures
  • Waste Tanks

General Aviation Composites Manufacturing

Our processes make airplanes lighter, use less fuel, and offer a more pleasant experience for travelers.

More and more, airplane designers are using our aviation composites to make their planes lighter, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable for passengers.

We provide innovative solutions that boost performance, cut costs, and meet strict regulations.

At Matrix Composites, we help our clients tackle challenges like tough competition, rising fuel prices, and stricter environmental rules by offering advanced composite solutions. With over 26 years of experience, we can quickly produce high-quality aviation composites.

Our team of experts guides customers in choosing the best manufacturing method for their project, whether it's traditional methods like Hand Lay-Up or advanced processes like Resin Transfer Molding. We use the latest technology to ensure each project is a success.

Our experience with general aviation composite components includes:

  • Interior Components
  • Seat Components
  • Primary Structures
  • Heat & A/C Ducts
  • Wind Swept Surfaces
  • Waste Tanks

Precision Composite Manufacturing for Military Applications

Our manufacturing process enables us to provide critical components for critical military applications.

We create and build composite parts for important military equipment. With over 26 years of experience in making composites and designing them, along with smart management of our supply chain and using the latest technology for making and checking quality, we're proud to support our armed forces in defending our country.

Our facilities are just right for meeting the needs of the military. Our manufacturing plant covers 29,000 square feet and is perfect for making precise parts needed by the military. Plus, our facility meets the AS9100 quality standards, which means we can handle every step of making composites.

Matrix Composites was the first small business qualified to supply RTM (Resin Transfer Molded) primary structures to Lockheed Martin's F22 program. We provided over 60 different parts that were crucial for the aircraft, including ones that needed to withstand fractures and harsh winds. We've also supplied high-quality composites to the US Army and Navy.

We provide world-class, reliable production of the most critical composite designs, including:

  • Fuselage Components
  • Spars
  • Radomes
  • Antennas
  • Munitions Housings
  • Ducting
  • Fixed & Rotating Engine Components

Trusted Composites Supplier for Space Programs

Aerospace composite components to meet every demand

Matrix Composites is a trusted partner to several companies in the commercial aerospace sector. Our experienced team of engineers offers our clients the latest in computer-assisted aerospace design and manufacturing combined with inventive ideas and skilled craftsmanship to produce end products that were once thought impossible.

Our composites help our partners break boundaries:

  • Increased Part Performance and Capabilities
  • Weight Reduction Without Compromising Structural Integrity
  • Design Flexibility to Fit Unique Specifications and Complicated Shapes
  • Resistance to Fatigue and Environmental Factors
  • Emissions and Fuel Efficiency

We are continuously chosen for our aerospace composites know-how, facilities and equipment, quality processes, lean manufacturing principles, and a track record of success with delivering on time and budget.

Our composites are proven in many commercial aerospace applications.

Matrix Composites is a proven source of structural aerospace composite components for the Commercial, Defense, and General Aviation industries. Some of our past and current programs include:

  • Satellite Structures
  • Spaceborne Optics
  • Aircraft Wind Swept Surfaces
  • Aircraft Radomes and Fairings
  • Aircraft Antennas
  • Aircraft Ducting
  • Rocket Fairings, Brackets and Mounts

Matrix Composites' components and products are suitable for applications that would benefit from:

  • High Durability Requirements
  • Impact and Damage Tolerance Needs
  • Complex Geometries
  • Integrated Structures